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Inclusion and Exclusion

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I’ve been noticing, that in a lot of ways, the LGBTQIAP+, including this site, is focused on the first two initials: lesbians and gays.

Homosexuality became the norm here, an umbrella the rest of us who are not homosexual or monosexual are bundled under.

Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Asexuals, and Trans folks (who may identify with any of the previous sexual orientations)—we’re excluded, most of the time. We’re pushed to the side as the term ‘Homosexuality’ takes on the stage, gaining a bigger audience, contributing to increase our invisibility, and nearly erasing us from any progressive discussion.

I’ve also noticed the bi-phobia running rampant on this very site. It’s not voiced, but one extremely bi-phobic post made it very clear to me how most of the community views us bisexuals. This is particularly concerning to any future movement that might take place in reality.
Just like white, cisgender, American gay men claim the Stonewall riots, completely forgetting that the bulk of it were people of color, women, and Trans people, and that the very first Pride was organized by a bisexual woman, Brenda Howard.

While it might not be the exact same, Homosexuals in the Middle East and North Africa are, more than anything, centering the movement around themselves, supported by the general ignorance of the straight population, and the ignorance of some parts of the community, as well.

Whatever invisibility we have, small as it is, it’s more often than not concentrated on Homosexuality, particularly cisgender men and women who allegedly identify as gay.
Again, this is concerning, especially that bisexuals, for example, make a larger number of the population than homosexuals. And that other queers, especially trans, face more exclusion, more violence, and more marginalization, to say the least, especially here in the region where they are not understood and their needs not met.
Asexuals and Intersex folks are ignored all together, and again, bi-phobia in the community.

And to all this I say: fuck this shit.

There needs to be a serious discussion about this problem here, and what it might mean in the future if there was ever to be serious work on the ground. And until gays come to realize this issue within their community, there will always be talks about it. I will talk about it until my voice goes dry.

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