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The Sun Dies Today

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The sun is dying

I cry
I cry
I cry

I see

In the distance
The seven gates
Of heaven Damascus
And I cry

I cry

I cry

I walk the old streets
And see the sun dying
And I stand
In the shade
While everyone stands
In the light

They shout
The sun is dying!
The sun is dying…

I retreat

Into the shadow
More and more
And I can feel myself merging



Me and the shadow are one
People stand in the light
Under the sun
And I hide my being
In the wall
I hold the old stones
Of heaven Damascus
And I cry

I cry

I cry

People are shouting
The sun is dying!
Their words
like syrup
Trickle down my heart
With the heaviness
Of the sun itself

I burn

And the shadow burns
And everyone burns
And the sun dies

The sun dies

The sun dies…


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