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Dear mother...

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I'd just liked to share my feelings with some people that maybe can understand it.
This is a letter i wrote to my mum,that i will probably never send.

'' Dear mother,

I know that it hurts. I know that I bring you shame,sadness and anger.
I know that I do not take the river as you hoped.
But it's not your fault. It's not mine,neither.

When I was a little girl,you were expecting me to get marry with a beautiful and rich man,to have two kids with him,a girl and a boy,and to lead a well-ordered life in a chic quarter of Tunisia.
You were proud of your little daughter,Dad and you surrounded me by love and happiness, expecting a rosy future.

And then i made everything fall.
I made you cry,I blushed your face.
But,you see,it hurts me too.
I've got scars in my heart,scars on my arms,scars on my legs. Because of you.
Because of the words you threw on my face. Because of the hate that bright in your eyes.

Because i'm gay.

I'm gay,mum. I love girls.

It begun with that girl in the 9th grade. I really loved her,you know. I could die for her. I was in love. I was happy.
And when you saw it,you didn't let me see her anymore.

I can't control my feelings.
I tried,you know. I really tried. But I can't change.

And today mum,i'm in love again. with a girl.
And what you think,what you feel about it doesn't matter anymore.
It's my life. Not yours. My body. My future. My choices. Even if being gay wasn't a choice, I choose to assume it.

I love you mum,but I love to be happy,too.

I'm sorry. Sorry for disappointing you. Sorry for everything.
But after all,it's just love. True love.

I will till love you mum,
Your daughter.''

Thank's for reading,i needed to share it.


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