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it's pretty hard

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I has been more than 3 years for my single life and it sucks I haven't met a lesbian in my life just drunk friends who wanna have fun lol. EGYPTIAN lesbians are in the closet and Im starting to think about giving up on love and just live as heartless person, cause im finding it impossible to meet someone.

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    look i'm not saying this to make you feel better but i'm saying this because it's the truth : IT GETS BETTER . for ex. for the past two years i thought there was no such thing as lesbian in egypt and that i was alone and that i was going to get married and live a fake life . and i was thinking all the time about how to get out of here find a scholarship or anything and just be my self for a couple of years and them come back and FAKE IT ....... AND NOW i'm full of hope that maybe maybeeee i will get what i always dreamed of right here in egypt... so what i'm saying is don't EVER and i mean EVEERRR give up or lose hope in anything you want .. nobody was expecting that in 3 years we will remove mubark and moursy or any of that .. and look where are we now !!! BOTH OF THEM ARE IN JAIL and sisi is taking over ... always hope for the best and dw you will ifnd the one

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    Don't lose hope!
    They're maybe in the closet,but they're here,and they probably feel the same hope,love and sadness as you.
    like beingme2012 said,It gets better.
    yeah,it will getsbetter. Someday you finally find love and happiness, and it will gets better.
    Dont lose hope. You're not alone.

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    I send you a message, so we could talk

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