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anyone from alexandria ?

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hey all ,
I don't think we are here to cheat each other , I saw the comments , every one feel free to say anything he want to say without feeling guilty or shame , every one here try to drop some lines to express his feeling correct? So why we don't trust each other? Okay every one have a different thoughts or interest but we are under LGBT umbrella

i tried to connect with some lesbians in alexandria , but they always afraid to show up, it always end up with a disappointing result too because of trust , or traditional society
I think we waste a lot of time without any reason , we are here to find our match or love correct?
i tried also on facebook ,but I saw and watch a a very low level to deal with
I am a single bi sexual or you can say bi-curious 40 years single girl looking for a classy sexy women living in Alexandria , of course every one here looking for his perfect match to enjoy and have fun with

if there's any serious hot lesbians here from Alexandria , text me so we can arrange an outing

you only live once, live it to the fullest , enjoy every moment and with the person you like

don't waste time

good luck to everyone


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