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Invisible Friends

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The Invisible Friends,
carried by the wind, float aimlessly.

They whistle in the school's hallways when everyone is in class,
and you need to focus really hard to hear them,
because the class's door is always closed,
and your classmates are loud-
so loud,
and your teacher is talking
and talking
and the Friends don't wait.

They worship nothing,
because they regard music as the highest being,
and music is so liberating
that even the world worship does not exist in their vocabulary.

They wear crazy colors and have crazy hair, and can play on all instruments.

Light on their feet,
they hob around,
tucking a hair when it's out of place,
and making sure there's no dust on your clothes.

They come in all shapes; boys and girls and monsters with funny teeth and plants that has too many arms,

the tailor is told to specifically make shirts for them!

And when you move a lot while sleeping,
this tall sunflower comes
with its noodle arms
and pulls the covers back, so you won't get cold.

And when you grow up,
they don't sing for you anymore.
But you've already memorized all their songs and whistles,
and so they don't worry.

Sometimes they just leave,
and you must learn to go to school without them,
because other kids
need to hear their music. .


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