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distance relationships

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am 24 year old tunisian girl that intrested in women.... i use to have a girlfriend here in tunisia but we broke up ... we didn't get along well....
one day on of my friends invited me to this facebook page about lesbian and i started to make friends right away from all over the world.. USA, canada, england france india ... all over
one day a beautiful american girl left a comment on my post that she want to be friend with me and i accepeted of course so one day to another we get really close and she become my new girlfriend we talk all day long via skype fb and sometimes i call her some times she does and we planned on visiting each others..
but it's really difficult for me not to have here right next to me where i can see her face and touch her and be able to talk to her face to face
i don't know if it's an intresting story but am really struggling here and i want some opinion about this subject ..
i started to get back and forth i really need to know if what am feeling now is right or should i be patient and suck it up
am ready to here what's on your mind
kisses .

  • 25-34_f_w_h3_f2

    As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder the most important thing is to see now where the relationship takes you. It's important to be patient. Of course it will be better if she was near you but you can plan things like visits - if the visits are impossible that makes things really tough. My best relationship was long distance, I visited her as much as I can and vice versa. It really helped. That relationship lasted much longer (and I enjoyed it much more) than ones where the girlfriends were near me all the time, in fact this created lots of tension. Sometimes the distance is a blessing in disguise. As long as you both trust each other and commit to visit each other every once in a while, be patient and see where this ride takes you.

    I hope this helps!

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  • 17-24_m_w_h3_f1

    i have been in this long distance thing before and i can truly say it is one of the most difficult to maintain since you girls are not physically there for each other. so i would like to give you some tips i hope they are useful, first one is COMMUNICATION u have to build this relation on strong communication since u have no other means to build it and i know this may sound not right but if i were u i wouldn't make this relation exclusive until u meet each other then you both can decide on where this thing can go.
    i really wish u guys the best and don't rush into things

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