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LGBT and self love, Can you love yourself? Part 1

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Most of us in the LGBT community has been accustomed to bullying, taught how to hate ourselves in our childhood. As a result we are the victims of our own self-hatred. And if something is learned in childhood, if not taken care of will continue to haunt us in our adulthood.

Self-hatred is painful. VERY painful. This pain that is so deep buried in a balloon inside of each of us and not just LGBT folks but many women children and men who has been subjected to oppression and for the sake of surviving has accepted the unfairness.

Now I want you to imagine trying to pinch a balloon with a pin. BAM! That sudden explosion is so loud! Even the person trying to pinch the balloon, sometimes jumps 10 feet away. Sounds Scary?

YES. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! it is. You see, the air molecules just bad prisoners wanting to escape! On the other hand the skin of the balloon does not allow it to. So if you make a small hole all will just try to burst out of it! Try to remember this phenomenon.

Now I want you to know that our mind and emotions are two different things. The brain generates the emotions. The mind chooses to follow which ever it thinks it likes best. It is not INTELLIGENT. Intelligence is a different thing we will talk about.

Pain is an emotion like happiness or sadness. Our mind makes us choose happiness over the pain and sadness? Why? Pain is not so comfortable! Yes the mind is lazy, It does not like to be hard working and it will DO ANYTHING to suppress the pain.

Like happiness, which does not last long, pain does not last long too! That is a good news right? What is the bad news? You mind says pain is so annoying! I better not feel it. And believe me, EVERYONE, whether you are a person choosing your good sides to be good or choosing your bad sides to be rebellious and anti-social, knows that. So if you think that straight people in this world is soo happy around you knows no pain. You are absolutely wrong! Yes you have a lingering question here. I will answer it later.

Please comment if you liked on what you have read so far. In sha Allah, I will post part 2 soon. For now keep these small concepts in your mind. baby steps



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