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To you so that everyone can precious you are and you are not bad.

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Every time you say.......go far away from me, i am kills me. Ho can you say you are bad when you love me?

Every time when i ask you love me.......out anger you say nothing....out of sadness you say everything.

Every time when you say I am superior.....I feel like you are scared of me,,,,,,,,,,,why are you? Havent I told you you are my equal?

Every time you give that smile,,,,,,,,,,my heart looks at loves that you not love mine?

Every time we fight........we have both of our can you not see that I am as much as faulty and miserble as you are?

Every time you are you are scared........i feel like running to you....come in my arms. come in my arms! let me protect you.

But baby, no matter how much i will try, i can never take your pain

If you choose o hurt yourself just to avoid pain.yes yes! That will work...but for how long?

You asked me to be you happy thing. I am willing to be....Wont you be mine? .


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