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The dilemma

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I woke up today wondering why the hell am I puzzled about my interests. The idea of hiding everything from my parents and my friends is the only problem I'm facing. Why is it hard to come out? Why can't I just go to my parents and tell them I'm in love with a girl? Is it the community we're living in is the problem? Or if I was raised in another country it wouldn't have been this hard. I have all the chances to leave and live the life I want to live, but is this the right choice? Just because I have another citizenship it means that I can leave to the free country that I was born in? Go to the state where they accept homosexuality without having the fear of homo people? Or all of these thoughts are dreams and they would also not accept who I am? It's life who made us the cruel creatures we are now. Life made us believe there's only one sort of perfection and we all have to be perfect in one way, but the truth is that this type of perfection deceived us with it's appearance.

The smile it showed us turned out to be nothing except a fake smile to convince others that they're happy. It's the same as the irony in the clowns laugh. Have you ever seen a clown crying? Definitely no and if yes then it have failed his job. No one should tell us to be happy in a certain way. It's you who decide what will make you happy and satisfied. For me I knew what defines happiness. I know a lot of people wouldn't accept my way of thinking nor who I love, but to hell with people I'll be happy whether they accept it or not. One day I'll come out and say to the whole world that I'm in love with a girl and she's the only one who I would die for. We all have feelings just like you, the difference is that god changed our perspective of love.

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    yes! thats the spirit

    our unhappiness is often tied to what people expect of us. family, extended family, colleagues, bosses, professors, sometimes even your own girlfriend/boyfriend. in the end your happiness and comfort is in your hands and yours only. i think having pride in who you are makes a big difference. self-confidence plays a big role in our own happiness cause it means we are happy with who we are (but not to the point of arrogance or selfish behavior.)

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    Agreed! First you have to love yourself, be confident, in order to attract the right people into your life. Don't let anything like guilt, regret, loneliness, depression, demotivation, or anger hold you back. Life is not meant to be fair, it's an ongoing struggle, and those who survive it with strength will come out happier on the other side. Your approach is the right one and this kind of positive attitude will help you attract more happiness and love into your life

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