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Is it possible?

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Sometimes I get the feeling that I'll die alone. Why can't I find someone who I could cook for? Cuddle all day with? Watch a movie and fall asleep together then wake up to her face? Okay I might seem a little bit cheesy and immature, but I would kill to make this happen because this is how I'm going to be happy. .

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    This is what we all want and with patience I think we will find that person to do all these things with. But these things take time because this kind of relationship has to be genuine and sincere, and that's not easy to find with just any random person, it has to be "the one." And that takes time to find, sometimes a whole lifetime but you will only find them with positive energy. Believe me on that.

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      Couldn't agree more!

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    • I'm patient that's the only thing I have to do or basically I have no other option except being patient. Thank you so much for those words

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      yes i agree too but I am hoping that oneday my boy friend understands that simplicity the best way. I would not blame him to be tempted to get into smoking and all but it does not really help. it only does you more harm than good. In the end you are the looser. We have to strive through diffciult times of our lives. This is who we are! LGBT people who are strong. being strong is what makes you attractive a lot. Trust me...just be patient. In sha Allah you will find that girl of your dreams. God loves us all

    • You love him so much you don't want him to be hurt. You're perfect walahi I hope you guys are really good together cause by those words you deserve all the best. Thank you so much for your nice words :'). I hope you're not having any problems. WE ARE STRONG AND WE'LL ALWAYS BE!! Stay prefect

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  • don't ever regret having any lonely/ bad feelings, those prepare you for the right one, cuz if you found her easily, you wouldn;t appreciate her well.

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