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Where is my place?

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At the age of 11 I had a strong feeling for sex, although at that age I couldn't cum then. I tried to f**k a neighbor boy but he felt pain in his ass, so I gave up. All through 12 to 18 I wanted to have sex with a boy but was scared and couldn't ask anyone. At the age of 14 I was in dorm the cook, was a gay bottom and he had a crush on me but 1. He was ugly and 2. He openly showed hes interest in me infront of everyone which made me scared even to get close to him.

At the age of 16 when I inserted my finger into my asshole I had a beautiful feeling, but that was soon lost in the years to follow.

After the age 20 I turned towares girls till I got married. But all my life I had interest in having sex with men. Finally at the age of 57 I got f**d. for the first tlme. It was a painful experience for the first time but after that I got used to it but it had never been fun for I never enjoyed it. I still love gay sites and gay prone but feel so sorry that I can't enjoy gay sex with a man.

Where is my place? A gay, bi or none?


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