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UAE is slowly killing our LGBT souls...

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I went to the Castro last week and WOW. i loved how open it was in San francisco.

I was seriously able to say This is my girlfriend without being scared & the reaction i got was soooo amazing. i mean they did not in any shape or form said oh god thats wrong. i never felt so normal, they were so cool about, its so hard to explain the feeling but the UAE can definitely kill your soul if you're an LGBT. I never for once thought about suicide there but now that i arrived back here, thoughts of ending it runs through my head everyday. I'm lucky to have found my partner but not being apart of a supportive community is just so hard. I'm sick of pretending to be straight with my friends. i don't even wanna go out with them anymore because its becoming really hard.

are you guys in a place where you cant come out & don't have anLGBT community?! please share!!!

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    the secret is that you create your own community and support network. loneliness on this subject takes many shapes and forms that sometimes even in countries or areas that are super LGBT friendly you will see unhappy or lonely lgbts who dont feel accepted or wanted by others. thats why having a close network of friends and supporters to rely on means a lot, regardless of where you are, of course its easier in communities where lgbts are accepted and not seen as garbage like here. i may be a bit too optimistic but i feel that attitude is positively shifting and more and more people are accepting, understanding, and even in disagreement, a bit more tolerant than they used to be. not in general, and maybe not the majority, but enough to be able to create a support network out of

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      Totally agreed with this. Only challenge is where to go to find that support network some of us are luckier than others in this area.

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    Yeah, I think the hardest part is finding a community, and then coming out. There's strength in numbers, and once you have people accepting and containing you, you will begin to feel safer and more confident.

    One of the drawbacks of being queer in the arab world is the lack of support and crushing loneliness many of us feel on a daily basis, all due to people not coming out, and thus not being able to find each other and form a sort of community that works on dismantling the stereotypes people usually link with queer people, raising awareness, and welcoming queers into it.

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  • i haven't really met a strong lgbt community here, and im from here.When you're a local you can really see how intolerant locals are. would've been great if they were open & accepting.

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    The local culture in UAE can be very abusive, I've lived here my entire life ( 21 Full long years ) and it was agony the minute i came out to myself until now.
    If you have the option of moving out somewhere where you can be who you are then go right ahead, But if not then I say stay under the Radar, its very hard to be OUT here if you know what i mean.. There are hate crimes, Police investigations and rats who might sell you out ..
    Stay safe..
    PS: communities here are often small and closed up ( for obvious reasons )

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