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oh well am glad i found where all of you have been hiding after all!

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well let's start with i don't know where to start am Egyptian and am 23, very straight till lately.. lately i feel the need to experience being with a girl and i just cant get it out of my mind so i think that makes me bi-curious i guess?

bottom line is am FREAKING THE HELL OUT, so HELP please! .

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    Here's the deal..based on your OWN words you just described yourself as not just a straight person but VERY straight till lately, you've lived 23 years feeling straight and nothing else thus beside the lack of experiences with any females anyways, your inner self is more comfortable with this description. Then you called yourself later "bi-CURIOUS" again, not getting any close to the fact that you might be totally gay which shows in a way that you really are not, You're either bored with typical same old same old guy/girl type of relationship or you've been with 1 person for way too long or you're just bored out of your mind and your life is in need for some excitement or something new. This is just a superficial flat view on your case based on your own words here. However I believe you need some time with yourself to be sure of what you really want/need so go ahead and question your desires and see if they're just lustful or they may have a deeper meaning or explanation.

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    dont freak out this is normal to be curious about our sexuality and later you will see which gender ur most comfortable with. it wont hurt to fall in love with someone regardless of their gender

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