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i'm so confused

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i'm a gay 16 year old boy ! why can't i have a normal boyfriend with a cute normal love story between 2 boys ? where are all the other gay boys am i the only one in the world ?!!!! i need someone who understands me ! and loves me ! all other gay guys i know are way older than me and they just want sex someone please help me .

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    Don't worry about it, a lot of us are like that as well. It's hard to find someone because of the fear and anxiety surrounding us and stops us from coming out where it would be easier to find partners.

    And no, you're not the only one. Probably hundreds of other 16 year old boys are feeling the same. I can't reassure you about finding someone who understands and loves you, but my advice is to create new friendships here and get info from the local LGBTQ+ organization in your country; there are organizations like these in most arab/muslim countries.

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