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i think i am lesbian !

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something strange happened when i was at school few weeks ago .. i was looking to that girl and suddenly i felt that i'm physically attracted to her . that never happened before . I mean , i have always thought she was so cute but that was it . i was never attracted to her that way
now i don't know what to do .. am i lesbian or what ?
and if i'm lesbian what i'm going to do in a society that try to hide homosexuality like that ? i will never find a girl who will love me .

  • hi hana.. you have to think a lot and discover your desires and attractions before the admitting of being "lesbian' .. have you ever attracted to the opposite gender ?, you have to think too it's not straight or gay thing .. the spectra is long and complicated , has many other ""labels" than being ""straight or"gay".. and if you sure you are a lesbian.. cheer up .. you are not alone .. and you will find the one .. about the society.. we all struggling from that .. but this will not prevent us from enjoying our lives ..

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    hi hana. well we're almost all gay/lesbians here and look at us - many of us do have partners and do have someone who love us, or will love us. so first, dont be pessimistic about the possibility of that

    second, we all had that question with our first attraction. am i a lesbian? am i bisexual? what am i? this is perfectly normal! so dont let it stress or worry you.

    be natural. if you like her and youre attracted to her, great. enjoy it and make the best out of it! you dont have to tell her about it right away. take your time. get to know her. be her friend.

    dont focus on the labels too much! love is love. gender is a factor only because our societies obsess about it.

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    SKYFLAKE...............I AGREE U 100%

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