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Long Distance Relationship.

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I am currently having a long distance relationship, we've been together for more than 2 years and we often meet every 3 months for a week or so..
I am really in love with him and we have such wonderful memories together that can never be forgotten. Another information, he was my first relation ever in my life after a long time of abstinence ( I was 29 when we met).
Here is what I feel now, Though I am 100% sure that he loves me but I feel I might be load on him because of this long distance. I told hime once, that we will be friends forever, whatever happens, and I told him that although I love him but I can understand his needs for a normal relation and of course his physical needs as well. he cried and didn't respond. don't know, am I over-reacting, over-sensitive..

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    Well, I don't think you're overreacting or anything, it's normal to fear from time to time, but I believe you should trust in what he says; if he doesn't complain then don't assume he might be unsatisfied with what you both have. I believe all you can do in that situation is encourage open and honest conversation between you both and if he ever wanted out of your relationship he'll tell you. But, until then, enjoy his love and stop worrying! Hope this helps!

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