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Not too Serious Contemplations on God

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What if God only sent down the inspiration of the Holy Books on men because there are no publishing houses in Heaven?

Or perhaps there ARE publishing houses and none would accept to publish his shitty writing?

Then God finally quit writing once Gabrielle, in a side-talk, told Him His writing sucks?

And so, he eventually gave up writing, but everyday, he would write his regrets on a chalkboard:
"I regret not establishing my own publishing house."
"I regret banishing Lucifer. He was certainly the funniest."

... etc.

What if, in every holiday, he sends Lucifer letters, but Lucifer never sends any back?

What if, on Christmas, God sends Lucifer a present, and Lucifer returns it to Him in a different wrapping?

And just when God stopped sulking about it, Lucifer sends Him a card from his trip to Paris with pictures and the tag: "we could have had it all"

I told you, I think about God a lot. .


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