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A request to the admins

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Can there be a page that provides information on the site. Like the date of its launch, the number of members, a link to tags... etc?

And I think we should be able to know the dates of the posts made, including ours, so as not to confuse old posts with new ones? Even with the 'sort by' option, it's still a little inconvenient.

For others, what do you think should be updated or added? .

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    Thank you Najm!

    An FAQ section has long been overdue and we will work on creating it. To answer some of your questions right now - the site was launched in April 2011. The number of topics and members are included in the first page, but that's only visible to logged out members so you're right, we should make it available to logged-in members as well.

    As for the date, we had made a collective decision before not to include the dates on posts because some members felt isolated when their posts got slightly older and everybody ignored it as they felt it wasn't relevant anymore. On this site, so many new visitors share exactly the same concerns, thoughts or issues with the older posts that they would like to contribute to, and some members feel better about seeing their topics still active and helpful even weeks or months after they've submitted it. In general, we think the experiences here are timeless.

    The stream page is the only one that takes time into consideration so you could see all the latest interactions and when a user was submitting these comments.

    In the tag pages, which you can see when you can see on the top of the page here - you'll notice that once you click on a tag, you can sort by "most recent." So you could already see the topics that were most recently added vs. the ones that receive the most responses.

    I hope this is helpful and thank you for the feedback! Keep them coming!

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    Thank you!

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