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A Green-eyed Monster

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Her hair is the color of rich Nescafé I am too poor to afford, and here eyes are as big as two ponds in an abandoned Japanese garden...

Her nose is stupid-even stupider than mine- but I love it, and how it wrinkles when she's in thought...

I love her freckles and her full, sensual lips, and I wish she wouldn't cover her mouth when she laughs.

Green-eyed lady has a head shaped like a battery, and toes you would normally call ugly. Her feet smell sometimes, with holes in her pink socks that she tries to hide. But I can see it, and I know that all her bras are getting old...

She has dirt under her fingernails, and remnants of a chocolate bar between her front teeth... Crane legs and fingers that put spiders to shame.

The moles on her face leave me no place to hide, and her happiness is so crooked, I'd slip.

She's so other-worldly yet so common... She sings and dances, yet she's so miserable.

But Green-eyed Monster is there, holding your hand...
Green-eyed Monster is there, saying you're a good kisser...
Green-eyed Monster is there, kissing a guy
that called her a bitch

She's not as special
as I had you think,
as some monsters
hide behind
pretty faces,
or perhaps
it's the other way around. .


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