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"You're only a Lesbian because you can't get a Guy!"

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A few days ago i was having a conversation with one of my friends, and the topic of homosexuality was brought up. When i told her that i have many gay friends, she was very surprised to know they're all here in Egypt. She lived in Qatar for most of her life and came across many lesbians. so her very first question to me was:

-Why are there lesbians in Egypt?!
My obvious answer was:
-What do you mean?! There are lesbians everywhere!
-But why?! I mean girls are open to have relationships with guys in Egypt! why be lesbians!
Through my anger i struggled to look calm an replied:
-What does being lesbian has to do with guys?!
Girls don't become lesbians because they can't be with's because they like other Girls!!!

So here it goes, Being a lesbian doesn't have anything to do with guys! I mean, that's like the whole point of being a lesbian!
Girls don't "Turn" into lesbians because we were rejected by guys, hurt by guys or too ugly to get a guy.
We like girls because we were born this way!

which leads me to another topic that came across my mind several times, giving that i discovered my homosexuality recently at the age of 19. When i was watching the episode of the show "Ellen" that Ellen DeGeneres used to come out both on the show and in real life, i noticed that she discovered her homosexuality when she was 35. and i wondered why do girls take this much time to discover something they've had since birth?
and the most obvious answer to me was that girls don't think about their sexuality in the first place. They don't ask themselves whether they like guys or girls, or even white guys or tanned ones, and this is all because they think they don't have the right to choose! That they just have to look pretty, sit back and wait for a guy to think they're good enough to be his wife! It doesn't matter if he's tall or short, fit or fat, as long as he's a guy who's willing to take her into his house, feed her, provide a roof over her head and all of this out of the pure goodness if his heart ! As if a girl is incapable of providing for herself without the presence of a man in her life!

Only when we're older and finally discover that we're in control in our lives and we can actually choose who we want to spend our lives with. Only then we can be as picky as we want! some girls discover they like fit guys and would never settle for a fat one! And some of us discover we like girls and would never settle for a guy, and some of us are open to both guys and girls.

So to sum it up. It's all about knowing that you have the freedom to choose, and take a moment to ask yourself what do you actually like, and believe me the answer might surprise you!


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