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tired ... dying .. i'm over

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sorry for my bad english , i wish i could write to you in french , but afraid that u understand nothing ...
well i'm a girl who grow up in paris , my father is tunisian and my mother is french, i moved to live in tunis in the last 4 years , i mean at the age of 14 !! my whole life changed immediately, new friends, new society , a real new life !!! at first i didn't get along with people there ! they seem very complicated , everybody is taking care of each other ! i'm sure that nobody's perfect but i really didn't love the style of their life, even transport there ! always there is a problem to take it !! u cannot imagine how it's hard to live there, however i really love Tunisia ... i know that tunisians are smarts and lovely ...

and i was surprised that the levels of education in Tunisia is very high however that the country didn't have the enough money to the student's needs ...

and as i'm lesbian i faced a lot of problems , because i'm finally living in a muslim country , it's hard to meet girls and u can't show at anyone ur true colours ! my mum know about me , and she warned me to never mention that for anyone coz they will not talk to me.

this year I'm bachelor so i hope i succeed and come back to paris to complete studies there !!! i just can't wait !

Any advice?


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