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Falling in love

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Falling in love, is such a big event, but it seems not enough to make me pretend, cause the one I'm in love with didn't make it to the end, the one I'm in love with doesn't feel the same thing, it wasn't love at first sight or anything like that, it happened in a while after I've known her well, oh well I'm not gonna lie, it was a little fast, but not really fast to make it nothing! Oh I forgot to tell that she is a girl, but not just a "girl" a girl with a "confidence" it sounds really hard to deal with such a thing, but that is fine cause I have the "patience" but "hey" not so fast "my friend" it's just the beginning of it, so are you ready ? Great "go ahead" well she's MOODY,PICKY,UNSTABLE,STUBBORN, AND HARD TO GET, it wasn't even my opinion, she was the one who ADMITTED, am I alive or am I dead???

That's too much for my mind to GET, it was all at one time not a step by step, a one leads to the other almost at the same minute, and like a Rain Drops it was falling on my head, and instead of getting depressed, I placed a smile on my face and said " I can handle it".

But she refused to believe it, and then she started to tease me, she had the right to do it, and that's all I can tell, oh I forgot to mention that she is a "TEASER" but "FUNNY" as well, I said "I like you a lot" it was what I felt, cause since we've met i felt something clicked, she has that effect that makes me melt, when she made fun of me or when she told me about herself, that was the time in my life that I will never forget, I don't know if i bored her or made her distracted.

All I know is that I was trying to make her feel that she's with someone who knows her exactly as she knows herself, cause we were so much alike and I thought that would help, but that didn't work, actually that was the point, she was dealing with herself and that was disappointing, we were not getting along cause we were just the same thing.

She left me for that, and that was everything, I didn't say "I love you" cause that would've been a mistake, and if I said it first she wouldn't have said the same, I don't blame her, I shouldn't expect anything else, for her we were just friends, nothing to lose or maybe something to gain, for me it was the experience of knowing a girl with such a confidence, but still find her attractive, but also the pain of saying goodbye and I know that we will never talk again, "oh my god" goodbyes are always hard, but if I could go back to that goodbye moment and say the things that I couldn't say it then "cause I was a little shocked" I would've said that:

I'm not gonna ask you about the reason why you're saying goodbye, cause you've made your decision and I respect you as I always did, but before you go here's some advice from a girl you used to know :
Take care of yourself and try to rest more than you do cause there is nothing more important than your "health".
Keep your funny spirit with you everywhere you go cause it really shows how simple and great person you are.

Keep having "biscuits" with "tea" and remember me when the "tea" gets "cold" and you take one sip to turn it back to "hot".
Keep playing online games cause it really seems like it gives you power and makes you feel better.
That's All my Friend, this is the END I think, so goodbye then I wish you all the best.


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