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    I hope you realize that no matter how bad things get, when you think about suicide it has a lot to do with your mental state and as well as your circumstances. What I'm trying to say is that you are probably depressed and you should get help from a doctor. You may think it's pointless, and I'm just an internet stranger, but trust me when I say that depression lies - it lies big time. You may be at a point where existing is taking such a toll on you that you prefer the opposite, that is not existing. You need to know that that feeling is caused by depression and that can be treated. It gets better, you know? Your life is worth fighting for. If you need to talk, my message box is always open.

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  • Hey there... I assume that you're shouldering many heavy burdens that would cause you to consider ending your life, but please know that nothing is unsolvable and you always have those that care about you and are more than willing to help give you whatever you need. Support, a shoulder to cry on.. sometimes all that saves us is a listening ear that we know holds no judgement. Everything in this life is temporary, with no exceptions. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Your life is still full of possibility, I promise you. Look closely at the issues weighing heavy on you, and find the source affecting you. No one is worth ending your life for. No opinion, regardless of how much that person means to you. No situation is permanent or inescapable. No country's oppression enough to keep you within it's borders. You are infinitely bigger and more capable than any of these obstacles. You're a whole entire human life! With your own dreams and aspirations and a completely unique presence on this earth. You in yourself are a miracle, don't you see? Please share your troubles with us, for a chance that we can help you carry the load.

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