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coming out to your crush isn't that bad

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hey all

I met this straight girl 3 years ago and immediately had a crush on her
she's the smartest , prettiest and kindest person in the world ..
for sure , i didn't tell her how i feel bout her ..
so we developed a very strong friendship .. and that caused me to decide not to tell her how i feel ever so i don't hurt her feelings although I'm falling for her everyday more and more

4 months ago , i met a lesbian girl and we started dating ..
i introduced her to my crush whose suddenly became nervous when she felt like am giving over attention to my cute date

then she ( my crush ) became nervous and asking me a lot when did i met this girl and what's the relation between us ! why I'm caring that much for her and why I'm telling her all of my secrets so easily ?
she even started to do researches till she knew that my cute date is a lesbian ..that day she started screaming , shouting and saying : you can't hang out with a girl known for her lesbianism .. she can kiss you or try to do anything with you .. or even love you !

in fact .. that made me suspicious .. what if my ( crush- friend ) loves me the way i love her ?
so i made my decision to come out to her
and i did..
the result ?
she's my girlfriend now


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