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Gay and lesbians marriage in Egypt

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hi i am Ahmed a very open minded gay from Egypt
i live and work now as a pharmacist in KSA
i was raised in a very normal family but i grew to find that i am gay
i am accepting my self as it is and 100% satisfied specially i dont put religions in consideration but now i am really in trouble
my family (specially my mum) wants me to marry ( very normal )
i dont wanna let her down also i cant imagine my self in the age of 50 and living alone
i had many chances to marry a str8 girl but i refused i dont wanna be a hypocrite person living a miserable life and pretending to be str8 all the time
i have many gay friends but i dont know any lesbian girl
i wish i can be able to know lesbian girls through this website who are willing to marry a gay person
i think gay-lesbian marriage is the best way for us to gurantee a socially accepted life among friends and family and be able (maybe) later to raise a child
as it gives us the chance to live freely without lying or pretending and also gaining the benefits of marriage at the same time (double benefit)
i wish we start working on this issue and give our selves the chance to know each other well either by gatherings in real meeting or even through the internet .

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    you're summarizing the suffer from being a homo in egypt
    i can't imagine myself with a man someday xD

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    I am exactly where you are, the similarity is just stunning. BUT I would never even consider marrying a lesbian, that's out of the question for me. I want to start a family one day, with a guy, adopt children and live the life I always dream of. Or die trying .. It's my right as a human being.

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    that's typically me even for the career .. hahaha .. but come on gay-lesbian marriage in KSA is just like straight marriage in egypt .. how would you/she meet LGBT in KSA ? where death penalty is waiting for LGBT personnel ?

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