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    here is what i did with mine. i took them out to dinner. and then i started asking questions like, what do you guys think about homosexuality? do you have any gay friends? and to me, all but one person their opinion was very positive and laid back. they said oh we dont care its the person's own business. then i said what would you do if your brother or sister came out as gay? and they would say, we'd just shrug it off its no big deal. so i said, good cuz am gay!

    that one person who was homophobic felt cornered because everyone was so happy for me and so glad that i was honest with them, that i wrote to him later and i said hey if you dont feel comfortable with my sexuality then i dont feel comfortable with our friendship, and till now, years later, we did not speak once despite being friends since we were just kids.

    test them first if you want to see what kind of reaction you might have. worked for me and i couldnt be happier now to be me around my friends you never know one of them might be gay or bi too and could confide in you about it later.

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    yeah i did that but all of their responses were negative really so i just couldnt do it you know got scared you may say

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    u have to choose the people who can keep a secret like this not easy to str8 ,muslim arab men to accept this ...look it depend on their education their standard of living their culture and how close they are to u ...i have four of my best friends who i came out to them that i am gay and i7l they were so understanding and they have no problem with it

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