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I have heard a lot about relationships getting ruined because parents finding out and parents not accepting or a partner who is afraid of holding their partners hand in public, In my opinion, I think you should stand up, I know it's not easy, And I know its hard because you're living in the middle east, But I'm Lebanese and I came out of my closet a very long time ago, I tell my sisters all about my girlfriends, I tell my cousins, My family, They understand. Like no, you don't have to talk about it to your mother or father about it every time you do something, In fact you can live normally. I'm hoping one day Lebanon will accept LGBT rights, and Homo-marriage in Lebanon. We are Lebanese.

We are going to stand up. Don't be afraid. I'm sick of hearing "this relationship has ended" because of such particular reasons. Or If your relationships are ending for such reasons then how about you put a password on your phone, and make some privacy away from your parents. Because it's your fault. .

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    Hey. I'm glad you're one of those who can be honest with your sexuality with your family and friends. But it's good to have in mind that even though you were lucky enough to not meet resistance, shame or ignorance from your family, it doesn't mean that everybody has the same story or experience. Homophobia is always on a structural level, it exists in every inch of the society, wherever you will go, but it takes different shapes. Just because a country allows gay-marriage it doesn't mean that homophobia exists, just the same thing as, just because many immigrants are working in the restaurant business it doesn't mean that the owner isn't racist, perhaps on the contrary.

    I don't agree with you with blaming people for other people's ignorance. It's not my fault if my parents/friends find out I'm gay and the push me away from the family, throw me out of the house, beat me up, assault me, spread rumours about me. It's never MY fault. I'm the victim here.

    Would you blame a girl for being raped? No, I don't think so. It's ALWAYS the perpertrator's fault. Not the one who is subjugated for the oppression.

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    I know in Lebanon we're still far from accepting LGBT rights and gay marriage, but our country is still much better than many other arab countries. Some other countries have a death penalty for gays and the rest punish by prison time of up to a lifelong sentence! The culture will take time to catch up with european or american countries, but it's not as gloomy as other places at least.

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  • i used to live in kuwait .. they have some kinda tests to detect gays and rejecting them from entering the country
    sometimes i feel like there's no hope in the entire middle east

    • I have read this ridiculous news few months back.
      They were even trying to convince the neighboring countries to do the same and thank God that MP's in Bahrain disagree with the whole idea of people being tested.

      This is the most stupid idea I have ever heard of.
      If they were to reject Homos from entering Kuwait, then what are they gonna do about the kuwaiti nationals? I dont mean anything here, but I believe that Kuwait has the most numbers of gay people in the middle east.

      Smh ....

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    Lebanon may be the most open country in the Arab world, but still full of shits. Last year they were talking about legalizing the 'civil marriage', which of course has been rejected badly. So if a civil marriage can't be legalized, would you think 'the gay marriage' will be??!
    And about being out, not everyone is blessed by an understanding family like urs, you can't just tell people to come out, as if it's so easy, and there life will be 'la vie en rose'... Halla2 me ka a personal experience, I don't try to hide my orientation, but also I don't talk about it with my family... It's not like my parents will help me finding a good girlfriend or somthg so why 2 bother and tell??

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    Yes, you are Lebanese, and your problem is that you're so fucking self-centered it annoys the fuck out of me. Stop projecting your own experiences on others with this despicable air of superiority. It's selfish and irresponsible to tell others to come out, the majority of whom are still young and not financially or emotionally independent.

    And don't dare say 'I think you should stand up', you self-absorbed twat. It's fucking stupid to suggest this when there's not enough resources or support to speak of, or even an organized community big enough to contain all of us.

    You're really out of the loop here, so I suggest that you stop saying 'you should' and 'it's hard' and 'I'm Lebanese', 'cause it's full of shit. The first step to do anything is to realize that actions speak louder than words, and you're blabbering here in such a pointless manner that I just can't take you seriously.

    If you think that your position here as a Lebanese gives you an opportunity to do something other than writing horseshit on Ahwaa, than for all reasons, do it, and I'll be there to back you up. If Lebanon is more open about Qeer issues than other 'Arab countries', then stand with us by taking action, not by merely talking and leading us to a closed path.

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