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I know this might sound really weird but i have an anxiety of being alone in public always and Its starting to get out of hand because i always end up going back home, I went to a bar yesterday to see my friend preform and then i just kept feeling really awkward like everyone was starring at me so then i ended up rushing out but is this normal? or do i feel that way because of my appearance? with the leather pants and the hooker trash clothing lol, but i ended up just staying for 50 minute and drinking like hell and i still felt weird-ed out then i just ran out of the place, Is it because i feel younger than the people around? i mean im the kind of person who always likes to see new things and do things that other people might not want to do i just like learning more about Egypt in every aspect, Is there a way i can not feel so out of place whenever im out alone? because i hate depending on people to kind of go somewhere.

  • look just do whatever make u feel good about yourself you know dont mind people looking at u people pretty much look at anyone who isnt wearing jeans and tshirt here in Egypt so dont over think it you just need to relax and be yourself and stop worrying about what others think i mean would you rather be unique or just fit in? be unique and do whatever you like and go easy on the drinking you dont want to add alcoholism to anxieties too

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    I know im usually very comfortable but its almost like i cant deal with going out alone even if its just going to cut my hair idk why

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  • maybe you just nervous you just need to relax you know ur nt doing anything wrong so just think happy thoughts think happy thoughts

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    Obviously, it must have been related on how you were dressed. I don't know where you live but in conservative societes you get a lot of (unwanted) attention based on your looks. Unfortuneately this leads to the consequence that it makes it more difficult to express your personal identity. Either you dress as you like or get weird gazes and annoying comments or you dress like the majority and are left alone.

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