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Why the LGBTQ-movement should be feminist

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LGBTQ-activists and feminists should obviously be allies and cooperate because our problems are intensely connected. Sexism, homo/transphobia all come from the same source: Patriarchy.

Patriarchy creates a system with two defined gender roles: a hard, strong, masculine, male (like Si al-Sayed), and a soft, weak, feminine female ( stereotypical house-wife).

And everyone who is subjugated to sexism and homo/transphobia experience harassment, prejudice, punishment

But why aren't we more connected with each other?
Or are we?

What do you think? Should our struggles be together or separated?


Here's an article a gay man wrote on why he thinks feminism made him a better man


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    Hi Farrah,

    Thank you for writing about this topic and enlightening us .
    Feminism is already connected to those issues ,in Egypt-but underground.There are some feminist groups and foundations which are doing this.I could say, that it wasn't planned ,but they had to on account of having no other options to introduce issues about gender and sexuality in a way that doesn't disgust the society. Btw,the article is really good!
    Totally agreeing with you;that they are all connected to each other !
    Waiting for other people to respond!

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    Thanks for the encouragement

    Yes, it would be interesting to hear people in other Arab countries besides Egypt tell their stories...Because I don't have that knowledge yet about their movements are. I've mostly read about different initiatives in the gay/feminist political movements in Middle East and those seems to be coming from Lebanon (Helem, AFE, Meem), Palestine (Aswat) and Egypt (Bedaaya, Ikhtyar). But of course there others as well...Anyone can tell more?

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    I believe that feminism goes hand in hand with LGBTQIA+ issues and cause. Women make up a good portion of the community, and feminism in and of itself is a movement meant to dismantle gender inequality, not just for women, but for anyone who does not identify as a straight, cisgendered male.

    Patriarchy begins from family and ends with God, where men gain the statues of a human being by virtue of having a penis, while women slave to get their most basic human rights.

    Things like the fetishising of lesbians, how those women, and even straight ones, are subjected to the male gaze every day of their lives. The strict gender stereotypes that cause gay men to feel ashamed of 'bottoming', and how it causes homophobia inside the gay community, are all issues that stem from patriarchy.

    So yes, the movement needs- no must!- become feminist. Women need to raise the awareness of other women to the things they have assimilated and men need to step back and realize the privileges they possess in their penises, and how they can utilize that (no pun intended) to help women gain a stronger voice, but not to overshadow women, just like some straight 'allies' overshadow actual queers.

    Very glad someone has opened such topic. Eager to continue the discussion.

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