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coming out to my friends

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I have three best friends who happen to be gay they mean the world to me, and I have also another girl best friend who I think I'm falling for ,coming out to them wouldn't be any problem but I'm afraid if she find out she would get weird out by me I know she is a open minded person but I'm just afraid of losing her, I made her accept my gays friend and she is friend with them too but she told that she accept "gays people" but not Lesbians because she thinks it's disgusting

you have no idea how that hurts

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    wow im so sorry you had to hear that and im sorry to see you hurt and worse is that youre falling for her. i dont think its good timing yet to come out to her and definitely dont express your feelings for her because she wont be mentally or emotionally ready to accept something like that it will be too much for her. as much as it hurts just keep it in for now and see what happens in the future. its a tough situation to be in im sorry to see you experience it..

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      thank you so much I didn't tell her about me but I can't no longer be her friend she make me feel like shit... what kind of friend is that , I open the conversation yesterday about ellen degeneres just to see her reaction and she said to me I wish those sick people would burn in hell . I just can't believe it . a person who is so beautiful would say that , I just can't live with homophobic comments anymore.

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    I think the acceptance for something which is "strange or uncommon" for someone takes time. You should definitely talk more to her about why she feels "disgusted". Try to ask her questions which will make her question herself and analyze her beliefs. That's how you can do for a start. And then if the outcome is that she changes her beliefs you might have the courage of coming-out. Although I think it's a big difference if you come out as lesbian for her when you are best friends. The judgment will not be in the same way, but probably she will feel shocked in the beginning. Take your time and don't hurry. When you feel ready and comfortable - have the talk.

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