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why is it so hard for people to accept you for who you really are? I wish I could disappear

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I feel like no one would understand what I'm going through, I'm just coming at age with my sexuality and I'm struggling to find who I'm really Im , I don't even know what or who I want , I'm just last in the middle of the unknown . I even tried to kill myself , I still cut myself to sleep , it's funny how you could change everything on the outside just by smiling and saying I'm fine. .

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    Why should you categorize yourself anyways?it doesn't matter who you love or what gender 'she\he\it- is.The most important thing is what you feel for that person whoever .The reason of the pain you feel might be loneliness.Being fine,is feeling content,it's a state of mind.And It's more about feeling secure and having people around you who you can trust.
    I personally was in your shoes but with a different passive aggressive-behavior.
    You just need to talk it out,believe me.

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  • Its gonna get better Just have faith in yourself and know that you're not doing anything wrong at all. You don't need to hurt yourself to prove a point even to yourself just stop over-thinking things, live your life and enjoy the little things in it and don't tire your mind thinking of things that will really seem so easy to you when you look back at them years later

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    You're not alone! Remember what you're feeling is never wrong. if you have non-heterosexual friends, talk with them, get support and encouragement from them. It truly is a struggle to find out who you are. But that's a process which is ongoing throughout the whole life. Don't blame yourself for being the one you are. You are unique.

    And about the self-destructive behavior. Suicide is not a solution. And any type of thoughts of it, should always be taken seriously. But words on your feelings, communicate with someone you trust about this - it's essential to talk. Your life is just as important as others who live on this earth. Here's a guide for how to change self-destructive behavior. I hope you can find it useful.

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    thank you so much ♥

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  • think about if you dont know who you are yet, you can be anyone just do whatever will make u happy and dont over thinking it, it will come in time , just be in peace with yourself and remember u can always be whatever you want to be, and try to rounds urself with friends and people who actually care about you they will make u feel better.

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