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Does god love me?

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A friend once asked me this question, for a moment I thought it was a rhetorical question , it never occurred to me about god position of this whole dilemma , we were always taught at schools, by family, and by holy men to love or fear god , but I haven't thought about till now does god love us back.

Let me tell about god from my point of view, god is being, a presence, a concept, an idea, a reality, he is he can be everything, he can be anything, he can be nothing for you, he is as real as you want him to be, I can go on and on about his existence, and how do I or someone else relate to this topic.

We all know the official stand of religion towards homosexuality, some holy men even advance to harsh and hateful statements and actions, for those who clam to speak in behalf of god I wish nothing but hope and may god forgive them.
What I can remember from my classes and my dad that god is love, god is mercy and so many wonderful things that the holy books speak of, who has the right to push away believers from the house of god, who dared to cast the first stone.

It’s hard to imagine that god can be vengeful or full of hatred, maybe that’s why ancient religions had so many gods, creating a new god for every human emotion; is it because it’s hard to imagine a god who blesses you with one hand and punished you with the other? what I discovered in the years that I lived that there is no religion that preaches hate , no matter what ceremonies or rituals, the teaching that passes on or the way you pray , you can bet on not finding hate among them. So where does it come from? … I have a theory I think hate comes from within ourselves not from god, and we blame him for not being there in the time of need, or seeking for answer we desperately needed the most.

Let me tell you a story… once upon a time there was a boy who hid in a basement , every time his parents fight, but one time things got out of hand so hid again in the basement and closed his ears to block away the pain and the hate he wished he was dead to ease own suffering ,he cried himself to sleep and dreamt of the cold darkness with two warm arms hugging him from the back, ”it’s going to be better from now and on” he woke with his tears dry and went up and placed his head in his mother’s lap while she was still divested by what happened to her , the boy said ”it’s going to be better from now and on”, and the mother smiled.

So at this moment … does god love me? … Yes, why not? he lives within us, makes noble…righteous, he is the voice of conscience that helps you decide, the pain of guilt when you put your hand in the cookie jar, the warm satisfaction in us every time we help someone .Always remember dear reader, god maybe a lot of things, but hate is never one of them, he loves you and never forget that he knows what your are going through, and trusts you to do the right thing.

May god bless you all
t. r. wolfing .


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