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Moaning addiction

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Hi all, I'm new here.

My story is a bit strange. I had a trainee who was 10 years younger. He's (Banooty), I've never thought that one night of fun with him may lead to a year of close relation, until it became to addiction to have sex with Banooty males.

He suddenly disappeared after the semester, and I knew from the other trainees that his family sent him abroad after a bad scandal, they felt shy to tell me about and I didn't show attention not to make them realize anything.

Since he left, he left behind him an addition to listen to moaning. It was perfect to listen to his moaning saying "My Hairy Stallion", but now everything gone. I don't miss only his sex, as I've many relations with nice ladies, I miss his passion, the way he worship my body and the good days with a tender cute Banooty made me discover a new joy in life for a year, and suddenly left. .


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