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Odd European girl out

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Hi all you inspiring queers out there!

I found this page while searching google for information on being a lesbian in Egypt.

I am writing a novel in which the main character, a Swedish woman, falls madly in love with an Egyptian girl.

I love egypt but I don't know anything about being lesbian/gay/queer/bi/trans there. I have my ideas after visiting Egypt with my wife (and I've travelled alone to Egypt many times). But it's so easy to describe it stereotypical.

I am married (to a woman) and we have a child.
I take it this isn't exactly everyday for you.
Still, as a non heterosexual (from a very conservative family) I instinctly know some of your feelings. Even if I still don't know the terms you live under.

So please, if you feel like it, let me know.
And in return, if you want to know anything about our neck of the world, ask me!

Send me a message or tell/ask me here.

Love to you all .


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