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Do you find it difficult to be muslim and gay?

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I know that there are a lot of information out there. Sometimes it feels really awesome that you are not weird at all...sometimes you just want to change and not have to go through all the thinking. Sometimes you feel blank, angry frustrated.....I can put a list.
But I am really interested to know about how do continue to pray? Do you just do it? Do you feel you CANNOT leave Islam? What are you thoughts? DO you struggle?

I often struggle with my identity crisis...that makes things really hard. I think about marriage as testing whether I like women or not...sometimes it fells....WHY? I cannot really deeply feel for any guys....I suffered a lot about OCD and I have lost interestn. Its pretty sad but I still pray and try and follow Islam to the best of my ability. But teachings from childhood still haunts me.

Anyone like me? I feel so weird,...once so confident about m y sexuality now i feel just i dnt know shocked is probably right? There soo many evidence that points to I am gay but I am still not convinced and and i dont know why..

I pray to Allah to help me find my identity and place in about yours?


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