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a HUMAN who wants to make new friends

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my name is ibrahim
study now in china , hope to find job soon ( da3watkom)
i am a HUMAN . . i hate labels actually , but if you insist to label me , i am bisexual/queer

want to be your friend , all of you
i need friends because i hate to be alone , i love to care for people and find someone who would care for me ..

i am trying all of these efforts to avoid falling in depression again , i believe next depression will be a "suicidal one"

and yes . treat me as a REAL PSYCHO :P

for my own reasons , i deactivated both of twitter and Facebook
that's my tumblr

you could contact me here or there ..

  • i am 25 years old , i forgot to mention that

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  • 17-24_f_w_h3_f4

    Listen Hemma I don't mean to preach or give any advice because am definitely not qualified to do that but the thing is that I feel your pain I really do and I have been having these thoughts earlier but am trying to justt push them away cause it will only be worse and I just keep myself busy by going out with friends, going to the gym and playing any sport stuff like that and also Hemma we are all here together in this so I can text you my number to what's app me if you'd like but thr thing that I didn't want to say because you will not believe is that things actually become better I promise you they always do "after a hurricane comes a rainbow " that was Katy Perry but she's actually right and yeah I would be honored to be your friend if you don't mind
    We hand3elak 7ader 3ala mawdo3 el sho8l

    • lafemme , WOW , it's my pleasure to be my friend , and i wish that things become better . you know , i have ""friends"" but still feeling a lone , no one know me , that's what i just discovered , not only about ""my identity"" thing , but really do not know me at all . .
      thanks my friend for your words ..
      it means a lot for me

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