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anyone from alexandria ?

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hey all ,
i tried a lot to arrange an outing for some lesbians friends in alexandria ,
but they always freak out and never show up

i tried also on facebook , i created a group with a well to meet every individual to ensure that she's a girl not a fake guy pretending to be a girl ..
and i failed like a boss !!

90% were a pretending guys .. 10% were afraid of meeting me
it always end up with a disappointing result

& it will continue to end up with there results if you girls don't have the courage to face who you really are

i'm tired of pretending and faking that i'm a normal, straight girl
i'll keep on trying to find another brave lesbians who won't set behind the screen crying for not having the life they want to have

please , if there's any lesbians here from alexandria , reply to me so we can arrange an outing !

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    Hey there, this me bassant nd im fromalex too..we cud talk thro whatsapp if u want to or just exchange msgs in here then meet up one day if u like

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