I don't usually like to do this



Hello everyone, I’m queer and Lebanese. I don’t usually like to use apps or websites to interact with people, but I found so many interesting stories that I could relate to in here so I signed up. Hit me up if ur looking for new friends, we could share some music and rant or whatever…
Have a marvelous week everyone


Hey , hit me up if you would like to


Hello there
An welcome to the site
I hope you will enjoy your experience here
I will be glad to be friends
Hit me up if you’re interested too :hugs:


Welcome I’m dolly I’m interested in bdsm


Hey Dolly thank you for sharing that I once experienced something relatable but didn’t go all the way she was dominant…


Aha . I’m submissive Masochist. I guess she’d have been good for me . Lol


Lol if ur close by I would’ve introduced you :joy: but you’re miles away


Yup, if…but…
The story of my life lol


Hey : )
I would love to be your friend
I’m down to talk about literally everything
And it would be nice to have you as a friend :")


I’d love to have you as a friend as well