Update from a little lesbian's life



Hello again Ahwaa world,

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but every time I feel like talking I find myself dragged back on this platform.
So I recently broke up with my girlfriend, which was the first girl I ever dated. I don’t know how I feel honestly, but what I know is that I am in a phase where I just wanna scream out the world that I am gay, that I wanna be noticed. Yet we always find ourselves silenced in this society. I want to go through those phases straight couples go through when they break up you know? Like horny phases or idk dating whoever I find on the street… It’s much harder for us I feel. It’s harder to express yourself, to be out, to tell a girl you like her. That’s hard.
We live in such a hypocrite society. Sometimes I look at straight couples and gag. I don’t mean anything really, i love love. But this exact straight couple that is considered cute, that actually has sex (for those who consider themselves “religious”), they judge the queer community. So why am I not allowed to judge them. Why am I not allowed to have the same rights as them.

Sorry for the long message, maybe it didn’t mean anything but… I had to get all of this off my chest.


I hope things get better for you