Algerians Who want to Immigrate to Canada


Hello guys ,

My name is Nedjm , I’m 22 years old , a software engineering student soon to be graduated and start working in Algiers. I’m gay and I’ve always been into marriage and being in a long term relationship with a partner that I love , thus leaving the country is kind of a must , that’s why I’ll do my best to leave one day.

So with that being said , I’ve chose Canada as a destination for immigration , and that’s why I would like to get to know like-minded people who are interested in immigrating to canada , so we can support and motivate each other through out the journey.

Whomever interested in getting to know me more and having a decent conversation you can contact me via FB :

Happy Eid for you all & have a nice day.



Even though I don’t want to move to Canada, I wish you all the best on your journey. And also, a quick reminder that you don’t have to move to a western country to be safe. There are a few countries in the East that are relatively accepting. But regardless, good luck on your journey!


Thanks, your support is very much appreciated. Wish you the best on your journey and life.


hello im in lebanon and in trying yo get out of lebanon before i get killed here


I’m 30 years old Egyptian, trying to immigrate as well but covid happened and now the borders are closed for a long long time. You can chat me up on my instagram telicious999