Egyptian lesbian struggles



hi, i’m a 17 year old lesbian from egypt and i go by she/they pronouns. being a lesbian in egypt is extremely difficult and scary, i’ve known about my sexuality since i was 12 years old and it took me about a year to accept myself. i dated a few american girls online but long distance relationships never made me feel fulfilled. it feels so lonely being closeted in a homophobic country, i’m constantly scared of someone finding out about my sexuality, i’ve become paranoid. i’m planning on leaving this country and moving away to canada for college, but i can’t handle the fact that one day i will have to tell my parents about the real me, especially since they told me it was wrong to be gay ever since i was a child. i know they won’t support me and the fact that i know i will be a disappointment to them is making me feel like shit. my step brother is gay as well and he is the only person i have told, we both feel lost here, and we both find it impossible to make friends since we know no one will accept us.

please share your stories, does it get any easier? how do i find people who will accept me?


Hello sad sapphic!
I teared up a little reading this because i relate so much. I’m really sorry you feel like you’re trapped and afraid, that shouldn’t be the case at all. Idk if it gets easier but just know you deserve to have a safe space you can be yourself in and i really hope you find that, whether it be online or irl.:orange_heart:


I’m sorry for that I can relate you aren’t alone here :heart:
You can send me a message to discuss this more and reach any progress…
I’m gonna dm you wz my whatsapp number and Instagram account so you find what’s more comfortable for you


I’m sorry you’re going through this, I can relate as well but trust me, it does get better… I actually made sure I was gay when I was your age, now I’m 22 and I saw that the ones that really really love you and care for you will accept you no matter what, and that sometimes we think that some people will have a bad reaction and abandon is because of our sexuality but it turns out better than our expectations, at least that’s how it was in my experience, and about finding friends I personally started looking for them online in apps, and actually I met some of them on real and we still talk and they’re also homosexuals, so you can try that as a starter and then somehow you get yo know people on real that are like that and accepting of who you are, and once you have people around you that can relate to you it feels so much better, because at least you feel like you are not alone and we are all struggling in this together, and I hope everything goes well with you and with going to Canada, hold on my friend because you’re already doing amazing :heart: