How can we meet when we are afraid of revealing our face in life?



A lot of internal conversations that blow us in the winds of the world filled with darkness in which we live.
We are afraid to know who we are.
We want to meet with hearts clinging to all hopes of freedom.
Most of those I met had a feeling of desire possessing them with a fatal passion.
We are looking for friends and not just fun seekers.
The real pleasure is in a friend who hears you, feels you and all your pain, and is for you as a high edifice that you abandoned for your feeling of yourself.


I came out 2 years ago to my conservative family, friends and people all over. I still live in egypt and I’m pretty open. This is my instagram telicious999, my pics are on there and I know alot of gay people in egypt who would welcome you if you want to make friends


Sadly my friend, this platform passively promotes the constant fear. Which is a reason why I choose not to participate here often.

I have many online friendships and make plans to meet them. Most I have met already. There seems to be this belief that the world hates you, when in reality everyone has gone on with their lives and could less with whom you sleep with. You just have to go out there and live. Create a WhatsApp/Botim/Telegram group and just connect.

Best of luck✋🏾


well start with chat built some chemistry and trust, once the trust is built n be honest then meet etc. now day its pretty hard to find good friend with good listening ability :smiley: anyways cheerup if u want a friend, feel free to chat with me
stay safe n keep smile



I have an account on Telegram and Instagram
We want to connect with Instagram
I will be glad to contact you seriously


thats why tinder and dating apps are the only way to date LGBT,
because u guys can share pics before meeting