I got threatened for proposing to make an LGBT short film as my graduation project



Hello everyone! I’m a film student from Lebanon who goes to a catholic university.

As film students, we have to shoot a short movie (that passes around festivals) to graduate.

My instructor low-key threatened that I won’t graduate if I move on with my LGBT+ film. He said it’s against the university, lebanese laws, religion, and our culture. He also told me that the Lebanese General Security will halt its production. I don’t know enough about law, but I know there is a way around it and I will not give in to homophobia. The film will be created. It will be screened. It will win awards, and hopefully start a revolution. The film will be funded by the LGBT+ community from around the world.

If you have any suggestions, advice, opinions, or you just want to support me, please don’t hesitate to join the conversation <3

Edit: Know that everyone will be completely safe before, during, and after production because the film will not screen in Lebanon and nobody can get their hands on it for it won’t be posted online.

I have talked to people and they assured me it’s not the general security’s business so the instructor was bluffing. Moreover, the University isn’t capable of blocking my film.


I love your idea, your ambitiouns and the determinism you have. The LGBTQ+ movies are some of the few things that made me feel less of alien and finally loved.
Do you already have a story line or will it be more if a documentary?
Do you have some gofundme?
But just be sure to put your safety first and sure that you really want to do this as there is some realistic chance, they’ll make you fail. Else you could also make a movie that can be understood both heteronormative and LGBTQ+ like minded and only in the last sentence you reveal that your protagonist is part of the LGBTQ+ community.
Wish you all the best


I have been struggling with the lebanese society and my family for many years already…
I grew up studying in a catholic school as well as in the university, and at some point i had to drop out of my university because of the harassment that was happening to me.
Please don’t risk is too much because even people think that the society in here is becoming little more accepting of the LGBTQ, you might still be prosecuted and serve a year in jail, unless you have someone in your family who knows someone in high places so they can just let you skip all that headache.
I do support your passion, I wish I have the guts to come out and just be me, but I am 32 and i am still scared as hell to just me myself in this country.
I hope your movie will goo smooth and you will not have anymore problems…
But just be safe… it’s all I can say


It’s a great idea but please put your safety first and think again


The story is being finalized. It’s pretty powerful to be completely honest. I appreciate your suggestion, and I did consider it, but many attempts like it have been done. I wanted to make something that’s strong because it’s different and ballsy. Security measures will be taken by professionals. I would never put anyone in danger


I like the idea
But it is dangerous for you :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


How did it turn out?