Girls in Cairo, DM me please


Hello LGBT+ community!
I’m Nour from Egypt and I’m new here among you, I’m tired pretending and hiding my bisexuality.
I’d like to chat with you ladies and be friends or maybe more if we get along :blush:
Let’s help each other out and get to know each other !
Don’t hesitate to text me please.


Hello welcome on board :rose::blush::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Would you like to follow me on Instagram


i hope you accept me and hope we can talk


Hello Zina, how r u today :rose::rose:


Hello, we can be friends if you would like


I am ready for a friendship nourre can’t seem to text you though


Hello there hope we can be friends


Hey : )
Would you like to be my friend?


First I would love to say that I’m v proud of you for embracing your true self even tho it can be frightening, I would love to be your friend If you are interested: )