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Any1 willing to type anything or should I tart


So this is embarrassing but when i was like 7 or 8 I had a HUGE crush on Jennette McCurdy from iCarly that I literally used to dream about dating her at that time (I was a weird kid I know) but at that time i did not know that homosexuality existed nor that i can be with someone of the same gender. I never imagined that it was something possible; so I would dream of her looking exactly as she was with her long blonde hair and all but I’d convince myself that she was a guy. After that i used to find alot of girls attractive but never really thought much about it. Until i was around 14 or 15 years old I found out that gays existed from an anime where two guys kissed. To say I was surprised would be an understatement lol! I almost threw my phone away when I saw that because two guys? Kissing? Is that even legal? :joy: I got curious tho and continued on watching and found out that this was normal and there are so many people like that. Then i found out that girls can also be together and fall in love. It was a cultural shock but soon enough everything made sense! I finally understood what I was feeling and knew that it was valid. At first I didnt want to accept it so I went out with a guy who was waay older than me. Like 12 years older and it was a horrible experience. Though i was stuck with him for years, I then managed to break things off with him and I realized then that I wasted years of my life trying to deny who I really am and it was all in vain cause no matter what I still liked girls. ALOT anddd that’s how I accepted myself and my sexuality and i’ve never been happier :slight_smile: even though i’m still in the closet but Im glad that I reached this point atleast where im comfortable with my attractions without feeling guilty


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Your story made me laugh so hard :joy: It is so damn cute :heart: I am glad you are learning to accept who you are.


I had a massive celebrity crush on hale Joel osment, the kid from sixth sense. I was so little when it all started, maybe 8 or 9 years old and this Hollywood child actor was all I can think of till I hit puberty and then my affection for men grew along with me.


I’ll tell you mine . i have always hide that i like girls (i was convincing myself that because i didn’t have any friends since i was child … so what i feel toward girls it’s normal)
I have always tried to hide it by dating boys … but every time i date a boy i feel nothing … so one day my class mate told me not to treat her like that because people will think that we are lesbians … “lesbians?” I started my researchers and then…
Then i met a girl we fell in love. We are together for 4 years now she’s the one i want spend the rest of my life with … about coming out to my family … no i’m not thinking of it at all … maybe when i get my own house my own salary i will tell them
Excuse my English please believe me my Arabic fosha is even worse :rofl:


Thank you! Im glad u found it amusing :joy::two_hearts:


As a teenager ,I used to write poems for my girl best friend and also I used have a crush on Sofia Vergara :sweat_smile:


WAIT NO BECAUSE why is your story is literally exactly like mine??? even the weird phase of dating older men -bc daddy issues ofc hello?- except shego from kim possible was my gay awakening😂


I am definitely a late bloomer, up until 18 yo, and i had no idea that i like girls, although my life was full of hints,

Like for example when i was 18, i had this cute female friend that used to give me the best hugs, so tight, so warm, and my hart would strat beating fast every time we hug.
Still, total denial, not even a single doubt.
Then at my first year of college, i used to blush, look the other way and feel awkward every time i see my roomates in revealing clothes, yet the question of am i into girls didn’t present itself.
I can go on and on about the hints that went over my head, but i think you got the point, i was in complete denial.
Later on i was introduced to the term “gay crush”, so it was my go to explanation, "oh you know what, i am not gay or anything, but that girl is my gay crush… i am TOTALLY straight! "

Then, my favorite youtuber came out as bisexual, her coming out video was so relatable.
and a girl from my university told me she had a crush on me since the day she saw me, i was flattered and felt good about myself.
The courage of the youtuber and the girl form my uni, was inspiring to me and led me into a self discovery journey, in which i faced my fear of opening up to my self about my sexuality and i had the courage to accept myself with my own terms.

I didn’t come out to anyone, nor do i entend to, “i am a religious person but also a bisexual, and i don’t owe anyone an explanation of who i am.”
That conclusion took me years, but i am proud that i took my time and got to it.


It is not a story about reality
But it’s just real feelings mixed between reality and fantasy
This is the bitter truth that we coexist day and night
That gift that was given to us by its maker
Mixed with all kinds of feelings that contain love, self, lust and spirit
So we are what we are now
Between this and that, life has only one address
It is to be in the natural world in a very natural way in line with the life you live
And that you have a secret world full of all the inner truths in which you live and cannot coexist with them.
Conclusion :
It is that feelings are the engine of everything, no matter how variable, they are the basis for everything.