The loneliness that comes with hiding



I’m a 19 year old lesbian and I always wonder if my sexuality and hiding that part of myself has anything to do with the loneliness I feel all the time, I live in Cairo and pretty much everyone around me is homophobic, I’ve never had that many friends let alone any queer or open minded friends, and I always feel out of place whenever I’m around my loved ones, I never feel like I belong.
I’m hoping that with time I will find a circle of friends that accept me for who I am and a girl that I can share my life with, it’s the only thing giving me hope to keep going


My dear one,
I feel your pain, we all do.
Making real friends is about putting yourself out there and making yourself vulnerable.
Unfortunately, our community is still far from being recognized and accepted in the Arab world. This inevitably brings loneliness into our life, as it steals our right to be us. And therefore makes it much harder to make friends. You should still try and make friends by finding people with the same interests/hobbies as you. And someday you’ll find some people you can truely trust, love and call your friends.
Anyways your not alone anymore, as you’ve found this loving and supportive community.
Sends super soft and comforting hug


thank you for your kind words, anonymous. I really appreciate them❤️


U r not alone, u can msg me anytime u want🌹


Thank you for sharing your story and your experience. I can say for certain that many of us have been in this exact spot, and as you get older and gain more independence in your life, it definitely does get easier and you will meet more people: a community, a lover, more supportive friends and much more. I think things are changing in our societies for the better as there is more awareness and gradually more support for what we’re dealing with. Stay hopeful and optimistic, there’s a lot of reasons for that and the list for what you can look forward to in the future just keeps growing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know it is really hard to express your feelings specially in our Society
I’m lesbian too and I know well how it feels to be alone and afraid even to express who you are…