A question for lesbians



would you ever pursue a bisexual girl? and if not, why?


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i’de definitely be in a relationship with a bi woman, the stereotype that they’ll cheat on you is bullshit and just bi phobic


If a lesbian got dumped by a bisexual chick and chose a man, the lesbian probably was and STILL is a jerk to begin with! So a woman would rather deal with a man’s bullshyt instead.


I’d definitely peruse her if we clicked of course, and also the circumstances play a huge role in that as well.


No i can’t cuz if they can’t do it they will go back to their ex or smthng the classical scenario


Absolutely. But I would make sure they are actually bi and not just “leaning” towards bi because that makes a big difference, even sexually, not just emotionally. They would have to be very clear about their intentions.