Introduction : Being Muslim and Gay



Hello, im from Morocco, im Muslim and Gay,
Im also a Med student, and I learned that being gay isn’t a disease conversion therapy doesn’t work.
I believe that Islam and being from LGBT community arnt incompatible, from what I learnt in Coran, but I still have some doubts that make me feel so depressed… im here to talk with new people and to see other point of view


morocco gay med student here as well, and i have not completely rejected religion yet. we can gladly chat if you want.


Love from India. Religion never goes well with homosexuality. But God never hate with his own creations. Talk directly to the God, quran or any other methods are not required to be with God. These are for society.


Thank you for answer have a nice day :hugs:


It’s true and don’t let anyone doubt this, you’re accepted as you are :smiley:


I am an atheist but I think it is not a problem of a god if you are a believer. A god is not a physical being. Only churches and therefore people are the problem. Man is the wolf of man. People judge, discriminate and torture other people. Who is not like me is despicable and must be destroyed. At the same time, one person is the same as another and no one wants to be exactly like the other. Everyone is unique and wants to be unique. but everyone wants others to be like themselves. An insane cycle.
I don’t think that life in the Islamic world will change quickly. It will take a long time and I can only recommend to everyone: Run away. By the way, we are looking for doctors here in Germany. :slight_smile:


Hey, I just found out this website today and even thought I’m from North America, I love this space to exchange for middle eastern LGBT youth. I come from a religious background and it took me a lot of time to finally release and accept I was gay.

I just wanted to bounce on your comment about religion and LGBT being incompatible. I think you may be on track to something, but from my experience, religion isn’t at fault here, it’s the mens.

The people in power have always adjusted religion according to their wishes. Crusades, Control of Women, all to justify horrible things in the name of religion. I’m not Muslim, but as a Christian I can say that there have been changes in the bible to fit a certain narrative (gay, women at home etc…)

I don’t think religion in itself is bad because there is a higher being (at least I hope…) it’s the dogma and the rites that take out the meaning of love and acceptance from religion. At least that’s what I think.

But I can only imagine what you are living, and I may come as arrogant with this post, but if you want to talk more, I’m here!


Thank you very much <3


Germany I’m Comminnngg
Thank you for your kind words


I am a gay bottom from egypt cairo , I want to love but there is no trust :broken_heart:


Great. Yuo can live a free live. In the beginning it will be starnge because it´s differnt but I am sure you will love it. Tell me if and how I could help you.


I’m Egyptian,muslim, and gay but a pharmacy student :^) I feel like being in the same shoes as you, and I hate how religion is used to take down other humans’ social rights. It always makes me happy being part of communities where I feel like I belong, such as Ahwaa. Thanks for your comments above.


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Religion and religiosity are a personal choice.
Sexuality is innate. We don’t choose to be gay or straight, but we can choose to express our sexuality in a way that’s compatible with our beliefs. The


I logged in today to discuss the same issue, and i found your post. I know i struggle with religion “islam” and that gave me a severe depression. I am getting treatment for it. But i know deep down. Allah will accept us whatever who we are.


hey! I just signed up today to this website and I like meeting people from my country. am 22 years old from Morocco too and I think it would be lovely to communicate with you and be friends!


If you like send my a msg. I could surely help you


Hey there. I’m posting a reply, as I’m much older and have lived with the dilemma of sexuality versus religion most of my life.

My belief is that your starting point must always be acceptance.

If we don’t accept ourselves as we really are, we can’t be authentic human beings, and cannot move forward in life.

If we accept and love ourselves as we are, religion, culture, family and the constraints and rules they all bring to our lives take on a very different perspective.

Lots of love and best wishes to you.


Just come to Philippines and I will take care of you