From oman, anyone wants to be friends ? (Dont be shy)


Im 21M bi who just wants to make friends, so if your from here dont be afraid to reply !!!


Am not from there but definitely would love to be friend’s :rose::rose:


heyo, i’m a lesbian from oman, how’s it goin


I’d like to be friends :joy: okay wait I sound like a 6 year old.


:joy::joy::joy: Im down with being friends, message me


Sorry for not responding sooner !!! I’m genuinely happy I found more people in this comunity !!! So how are you ? How are you holding up in this pandemic ?


@Ceasar It’s alright, no worries and I’m good, holding up just fine; how about you?


Doing great too !!! But I miss doing things in public tbh :sweat_smile: us extraverts are running out of luck becouse of this pandemic :joy:


I’m 32, Gay, He/him, from Oman too :hugs:


Hey I’m here reach out to me to u want to
I am really on for making new friends
18yo gay guy from Egypt here


I’m a 16 yr old lesbian trans girl from oman, hey!